Outfit of August 29th

Though I’ve been loving my body for a long time, I only recently took the dive into body con clothes. It’s been exhilarating and liberating. One thing I was not expecting was how pleasant the garments feel against my body. Here’s one of my recent body con outfits:

Photo of me, a light skinned, dark haired, tattooed Latina femme, hand on hip in a succulents garden. I'm wearing a strapless leopard print ankle length dress, and my black bra straps are showing. I am also wearing vintage boxy pointy cat eye glasses, a spiked collar necklace, and a hand made red sequined mouth brooch with pearl teeth. My shoes are chunky mary janes with silver buttons.

“Dress”: Maxi skirt from G-Stage. Spiked collar: Domino Dollhouse. Mouth brooch: self made.

In my neighborhood there’s a new shop that offers photo booth pictures for $1.50.  An irresistible deal for me. So here’s a photo booth detail shot:

Photo booth image of me with sunglasses on, peering at the lens sideways. More detailed view of boxy vintage cat eye glasses and spiked collar necklace with mouth brooch.

I love photo booth pictures, and not just because they’re quaint. The history of photo booths is fascinating to me since they used to be a primary way to take self portraits, and one of the earliest and few “instant” photography methods before Polaroids. Here’s a neat article I found about it at panmodern.com: Behind the Curtain: A History of the Photobooth.

And here’s the shell ring I wore with the outfit, with bonus close up of my nails:

Close up shot of my hand with a ring made from a beige and brown spiraled spiky conch shell about two inches in diameter. My nails are long and pointy, with navy blue and iridescent green bits on them.